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West End Walk – Rental

If you are looking for city living without the city price, come check out this gorgeous rental unit in Downtown Media. This 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath home is available with a brand new fall pricing special. The Designer has specialty upgrades included at no extra costs. Designer Features: – 10 Foot Kitchen Center Island – […]

Fall Cleanup Pays Off

The nights are getting crisp and the leaves are beginning to turn. Fall in Pennsylvania is upon us and it’s time to get tuned up and ready for winter before it’s too late. After combing the internet, I am bringing you the best tips to get your home in tip top shape and ready to […]

How to find a house – in a sell...

How to find a house – in a sellers market

Struggling to buy a home is a daunting reality for home buyers this year. With offers flying left and right, various showings stacked up together and homes seemingly sold before you even have a chance to consider whether or not you should put an offer in – homebuyers are up against a rock and a […]

How to market to millennials

How to market to millennials

One of the largest generations in American history is moving into its prime spending age – and they are one of the hottest and most debated groups in real estate. We’re talking about Millennials. Over 75 million of them are poised to reshape the economy, the workforce, the real estate model and how business is […]

How to handle a higher offer

After weeks prepping and staging and hosting showings, accepting an offer is a hallmark move toward settlement day. But, what happens if you accept one offer, only to receive another, even higher offer from a very motivated buyer? Can you get out of the first offer to accept another? Canceling an offer as the seller […]

Lowball Offer? Here’s how to re...

No seller wants to receive a lowball offer when selling their home, but no buyers are immune to this common real estate tactic. Many sellers become insulted at a low offer and choose not to respond, but in my experience, they miss a great opportunity. Today, we are going to discuss the correct response to […]

Make More Money!!

Have you ever wondered if there are secret, insider tips for selling your home and getting the most money possible? If so, it’s your lucky day, because today I am going to give you my top home selling tips to ensure you set yourself up to get the highest price possible. #1 Insider Secret: Price […]

Have you heard this BAD real estate a...

If you are in the market for a new home, there is no limit to the amount of advice you will receive from family and friends. While they are trying to be helpful, just because they have been down the home purchase path sometime in the past, doesn’t mean their advice applies to your situation. […]

5 Ways to Decorate with Plants that C...

  Have you thought about the myriad of pollutants that are present in each of our homes? From materials used to build our walls and flooring, to the chemicals in paint, insecticides and everyday dust and mold, we are bombarded by pollutants on a daily basis. Even if we work to reduce chemicals that we […]

Top 8 WORST Home Improvements for Res...

When it comes time to sell your home, there are often surprises along the way. Most homeowners are amazed to find that buyers don’t always see eye to eye with home improvements that have been made. After a homeowner has spent time and money over the years creating their home, they often struggle to come […]