5 Reasons Your Home Won’t Sell

Does it seem like every other home is selling, EXCEPT for yours? Homes are flying off the market left and right – but for some reason your home has been sitting for sale for months – what can you do to make the sale? Here are the top 5 reasons your home won’t sell!

1. You took bad photos

Most people don’t realize the utmost importance of excellent real estate photos. Not only does it set you apart from other homes, but great photos are the first step for a buyer to fall in love with your home. Capturing all of the light, charm and positives of your home is essential and can only be done with great photographs from a real photographer. Don’t use a realtor who insists on snapping a few pictures with their phone and throwing them online. Any realtor worth their salt will send someone with experience to photograph your home and highlight its excellent qualities.

2. You got overly confident & priced too high

A seller’s market can mean that homes in less-than-ideal condition get snatched up quickly, but that doesn’t mean you should bank on your home selling if it is overpriced for it’s condition. In a seller’s market, a seller can start to feel comfortable raising the asking price, even if it’s unwarranted, but this can be a mistake. Deciding on an asking price for your home is a very important decision but pricing above market value can cause you to miss out on prospective buyers. Be sure to be in agreement with your listing agent on the pricing of your home.

3. You are slacking on home improvements

Are there areas of your home that need to be repaired but you haven’t take the time or money to take care of? If your home is still on the market and you need to sign a contract, it’s time to either make the repairs or adjust your pricing.

5. You didn’t hire a professional cleaner

Never underestimate the value of a beautifully cleaned and decluttered home. This isn’t meant to be an insult to your cleaning abilities. A professional steam-cleaning can make old carpet seem new again, and streak-free windows let in more sunlight. If you’re not ready to hire, at least call in a friend to help give your home an honest once over to find any unsightly areas you are overlooking.

5. Refusal to Negotiate

Being unwilling to negotiate when low offers come in could be ruining your home sale potential. Even lowball offers can turn into realistic buyers, but might need some negotiating back and forth to find medium ground. The less flexible you are with negotiations the longer your house sits on the market which raises concerns for future buyers and could lead to a price reduction.

6. I know I said 5, but this one is for free. You showed up to your showings.

Even if every fiber in your being wants to be present for showings, don’t do it. Allow potential buyers the space and ability to talk about all the things they love (and hate) about your home as they walk through. Most buyers will be frustrated by overwhelming sellers. It is best to give space and allow the process to take place.

Maureen Hughes is the Lead Listing Specialist of The Wayne Megill Real Estate Team of Keller Williams Brandywine Valley in West Chester. For buyer or seller representation, or for more perspective on the local and national real estate market, please email maureenhughes@kw.com and visit The Wayne Megill Team site at http://www.waynemegillteam.com.

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