Since 1983, Maureen Hughes has been one of the premier Real Estate Agents in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Real estate isn’t just a career choice, to Maureen it’s a passion. That look in your eye when you’ve just sold you home or found you dream one, that is a great payoff.

Real estate agents get bad names, because they call every number in the phone book harassing you at home, at work, wherever. Maureen’s business model is different. It’s completely based on referrals. That means customer focus is the number one thing that matters, because if you had a terrible time, you wouldn’t refer!

So, if you are looking for a real estate agent, get the one that you can trust. The one who has over 25 years of experience! Maureen Hughes is your choice for a real estate agent to trust. Whether it is for selling your home, buying your first, or finding the perfect builder for your custom job, she is the best!

Work with the best. 

Work with Maureen Hughes.